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Rajasthani Mehandi

Rajasthani mehandi designs are commonly used in hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, and Teej. So various Hindu festivals are incomplete without these designs. Also, represents Rajasthani culture. Have look at the glamour of Rajasthani mehandi with our skilled and expert mehandi designer. 

One of the distinctive features of Rajasthani mehandi is its twisted and detailed patterns. For a good visual and attractive look, these designs include peacocks, curved shapes pattern, floral patterns and fine lines.

Arabic Mehandi

Arabic Mehandi uses henna material and mostly used in west part of India. Designs of Arabic mehandi are very simple and unique. Arabic mehandi give you a very beautiful look and can be made on hands, legs or other body parts.

The structure of Arabic Mehandi designs is very simple and unique. Designs of Arabic Mehandi made with spacing. So, you can easily see the skin. This quality of Arabic mehandi design is very attractive and beautiful.

Bridal Mehandi

Bridal mehandi is a tradition in Indian weddings. It is basically made up from mehandi plant and scientifical term for mehandi plant is Lawsonia Inermis. This plant popularly called henna tree or henna herbal mehandi. Brides consider bridal mehandi as a part of their decoration. Bridal mehandi also adds beauty and happiness to your moments.

Bridal Mehandi designs are detailed and complexly interrelated. In this, hands and legs of bride are fully covered. Peacocks, flowers, curved shape patterns, complex patterns and other patterns with symbols are also included in these designs.

Designer Mehandi

Designer mehandi is very popular and constantly used in southern and western Asia and Africa. Some people use it for weddings and some uses for their simple look. Designer Mehandi explains traditional mehandi art in a modern and artistic way. In this, they approach henna application in a very unquie way.

The speciality of designer mehandi is, it modifies according to your choices. That’s why our mehandi designer create designs that matches and also satisfies you and another Speciality of designer mehandi is elements suggested by you will make it more attractive. Contact us for bookings, inquiries and individual mehandi designs that glorifies your special moments.